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Get to Missouri and Support the Oath Takers Who Are Enforcing the 10th Amendment and the Bill of Rights!

At this third CSPOA convention, just outside of St. Louis, you will hear presentations from county sheriffs, constitutional scholars and legal professionals from across the nation who have come together to tell us that it is NOT too late and there IS still hope. Those attending will see proof positive that state sovereignty and local autonomy are the SOLUTIONS. When local law enforcement is truly committed to serving the people and protecting their rights, it works! You will leave the convention with this evidence and a new commitment to American ideals!
Sheriff Clarke
This year, Sheriff David Clarke of Milwaukee County, Wisconsin will be present to receive the CSPOA Sheriff of the Year award. Meet him in person!

Also meet Police Chief Mark Kessler of Gilberton Borough Police Department in Pennsylvania, who will be one of our speakers!

And here's the best part: Registration for this convention is absolutely free to all law enforcement officers and all public officials!

That includes sheriffs, peace officers, county commissioners, and anybody else who serves in a public capacity. Registration includes admittance to all events at the convention and all meals. This event is also open to the general public at a cost of $150 per person or $200 per couple. But here's the catch: You've got to GET THERE on your own and find a place to stay. That's not too much to ask, is it? CSPOA logo

The event will be held Friday May 31st and Saturday June 1st at the Ameristar Hotel & Convention Center in St. Charles, Missouri. So register now, while there is still room. A large crowd is expected.

More details are available now at

Sheriffs Drawing the Line on 2nd Amendment

Steve Watson reports on the ten plus sheriffs who have stepped up to put the feds on notice that they will defend the peoples' 2nd Amendment rights.

The story is extensive and has over a dozen links to supporting documentation and news videos. Read the entire article here:
In a letter addressed to Vice President Joe Biden, Linn County Oregon Sheriff Mueller wrote, “Any federal regulation enacted by Congress or by executive order of the president offending the constitutional rights of my citizens shall not be enforced by me or by my deputies,” adding, “Nor will I permit the enforcement of any unconstitutional regulations or orders by federal officers within the borders of Linn County, OR.” KPTV - FOX 12
Josephine County Sheriff Gil GilbertsonJosephine County Oregon Sheriff Gil Gilbertson published the letter he sent to Vice President Joe Biden on January 15, 2013 at News With Views. Excerpts of the letter are below.

As the elected Sheriff of this County, I am saddled with the duty, as well as responsibility, to uphold the Constitution and protect those people who placed their trust in me to do what is right.
Someone once said our country would collapse from within, without a shot being fired. No nation in the world can do more damage to the United States than we can inflict upon ourselves. We are keenly aware of just that by the accelerated pace in which our central (federal) government is usurping the Constitution. This lends itself to a much broader discussion, but for brevity sake I remain focused upon the Second, and Tenth Amendment issues.

We refuse to participate, or allow our law-abiding citizens to be criminalized through constitutionally repugnant actions by misguided intentions or politicians.

In closing, let me say that taking guns away from the tens of millions of law-abiding citizens, will not solve the problem. One needs simply to examine history of all countries where guns were taken from the citizens to realize criminal activity increases and good citizens are left defenseless.
Full letter available here:

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Sheriffs Drawing the Line

Gil Gilbertson, Josephine Cty Oregon

Did My Sheriff Attend Jan 30th Training?

Click here for all the details on the January 30th CSPOA meeting in Las Vegas, Nevada. "Did my sheriff attend?" and "Does my sheriff support these positions?" are the most asked questions we receive. We are working on best method to publicize those that were in attendance. However, we highly encourage you to take this opportunity and CALL YOUR SHERIFF IN YOUR COUNTY and find out directly if he/she attended and/or where they stand on their Oath of Office.  If they are standing up for their oath of office, then THANK THEM AND SUPPORT THEM!


Free America Now

The county sheriffs are key to taking back our Republics! Please support these brave oath keepers.


Sheriffs Enforcing 10th Amendment

Jon Lopey, Siskiyou County California


“That this Assembly doth explicitly and peremptorily declare, that it views the powers of the federal government, as resulting from the compact to which the states are parties;...and that in case of a deliberate, palpable and dangerous exercise of other powers not granted by the said compact, the states who are parties thereto have the right, and are in duty bound, to interpose for arresting the pro[gress] of the evil, and for maintaining within their respective limits, the authorities, rights and liberties appertaining to them.”

Source: The Virginia Resolution, adopted by the Virginia Senate on December 24, 1798, as a protest against the Alien and Sedition Acts passed by Congress. It was authored by James Madison, in collaboration with Thomas Jefferson, who authored a set of resolutions for Kentucky.


Sheriffs Upholding Oaths

Glenn Palmer, Grant County Oregon

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True Federalism.

“The way to have good and safe government is not to trust it all to one, but to divide it among the many, distributing to every one exactly the functions he is competent to. Let the national government be entrusted with the defense of the nation, and its foreign and federal relations; the State governments with the civil rights, law, police, and administration of what concerns the State generally; the counties with the local concerns of the counties, and each ward direct the interests within itself. It is by dividing and subdividing these republics from the great national one down through all its subordinations, until it ends in the administration of every man’s farm by himself; by placing under every one what his own eye may superintend, that all will be done for the best. What has destroyed liberty and the rights of man in every government which has ever existed under the sun? The generalizing and concentrating all cares and powers into one body.” – Thomas Jefferson


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